• The school teachers would conduct door- to- door campaign for the enrolment of students into the government sector, conduct mass Aksharabhyasam, distribution of books and highlight importance of government education.


  • Enrolment of all School age children into schools.
  • Admission of OSC into Regular Schools.
  • Mainstreaming of children

School Profiles

  • Every Headmaster of PS/UPS/HS shall prepare school profile., Total no.of school age children the catchment area number enrolled, no.of OSC performance of the children status of receiving of Free Uniforms, Free Text Books, Mid-Day Meals etc., and targets of the year2018-19.

Child Profile

  • Every Student must write their profile i.e., family background, Aims and Goals, Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats support required etc., every school must prepare child profiels and keep them.